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Our S.E.Yachting Seabob arrived to Ibiza!


The year 2017 is going to be legendary: Our long awaited special edition Seabob F5S arrived on Ibiza!

High-performance toys for intense pleasure driving in the water for people looking for intense fun and enjoyment in their lives. The Seabob F5S is a lightweight device tipping the scales at approximately 35 kg. It distinguishes itself by means of its strong driving performance and its irrepressible propulsion in the water.

“What started as an idea is now reality. We thought about designing our own Seabob to give our clients an individual experience. Seabobs are great fun and everyone should have at least one onboard!”


With the S.E. Yachting Seabob we’ve combined fun with style – ensuring you take a essence of Ibiza with you wherever you go boating.

For more information please get in contact with us.


Seabob 4 Logo    Seabob 22


Seabob 14 Schnitt Logo

When we had our first photo-shooting at the beach, our Seabob was the main attraction: An absolutely eye-catcher! We know why :). Do you agree?

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