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Explore Ibiza The right way. With the right boat.

Each one of your Chris Craft is hand-crafted with top quality materials, taking care of every detail, from the leather to the polished stainless steel. In owning such a boat you can be absolutely confident that the performance and style of your boat is equalled only by its outstanding engineering and build quality.

Our most important target at Chris Craft Ibiza is that you enjoy your quality time on your boat on Ibiza. Therefore we offer our customers quality in every aspect that we offer. That includes a high-class service and an always guaranteed berth when buying a boat - new or pre-owned.



A big advantage of our team at Chris Craft Ibiza is the fact that we offer you a multi lingual service: We speak English, German, Spanish and French.
With our experienced employees, a competend team is on your side! We look forward to supporting you individually in our well known outstanding way during the process choosing the perfect Chris Craft for you and having a fantastic boating-time on the Island.

James Blanchfield Director of Chris Craft Ibiza
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Karla Reyes Administrative Assistant
Fran Profil 2 Schnitt
Franziska Pozo Creative Manager, Public Relation
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The service team High-class Service


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Ibiza is one of the top boating destinations, thanks to their secluded bays, crystal turquoise waters and Mediterranean weather you will feel how the water invites you to jump in!

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