Discover The Launch Series

Launch 38

The largest of the family, the Launch 38 entertains 15 with it´s complete kitchen. With an ice maker and refrigerator it’s always ready to serve refreshments, while you taking a sunbath on its comfortable Sunpad. Perfect conditions to spend your quality time on the sea, whether it’s a day trip or a week-long stay.

LENGTH 11.63 m


BEAM 3.81 m

Launch 34

While boarding the Launch 34, you immediately know this is not just “any” bowrider. Surrounded by the classic design and untainted details, it welcomes you to collect your thoughts and spend an unforgettable time with the entire family.

LENGTH 10.4 m


BEAM 3.1 m

Launch 30

The Launch 30 take 10 for a relaxing cruise or a heart-pounding thrill ride. With exhilarating horsepower, it´s made for watersports or tight turns around the bay. It gets all of your guests to Ibiza´s or Formentera´s secret places – fast.



BEAM 3 m

Launch 23

With room for a group of 8 and a powerful pull to tow their watertoys, the Launch 23 is always “ready” for any seaside adventurous tour. It combines incredible details with quick acceleration and agile handling. Take the day and splash around in some waves! Or enjoy the fantastic view of turquoise water at the dock.

LENGTH 7.14 m


BEAM 2.52 m

Launch 27

The Launch 27 allows you to relax easily with 10 on its generous cushioned benches. It´s an luxurious way to explore the Island and bring the entire family together.

LENGTH 8.13 m


BEAM 2.6 m


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